As easy as it is for us to track down modern baby outfits out there, finding a sleeper that’s not soaked in pastel teddy bears or demure rosebuds is more of a challenge. What’s a slumbering alternababy to do?

Answer: Check out the must-have sleepers from my one of my new favorite stops on the web, M.O.M. Designs. Created by a mom and dad team, the Yite Bub line (think "light bulb" in toddler talk) is full of quirky, refreshing prints on so-soft cotton that you haven’t seen anywhere else. I’m a freak for the Busy Bots pattern for my son, but am totally loving the Ooga Boogas (shown)as well. And what girl wouldn’t look adorable in the Wavy Plum Stripes?

Rest assured that the engaging patterns won’t keep your baby up all hours. They’ll just make him easier to find in the middle of the night. -Kristen

Congrats winner Katie B


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