You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but this mellow mama’s got a punk rock interior. Fortunately (I think) my older daughter’s inherited a bit of my hidden dramatic side. So we had the best time recently playing with the Hair Putty from Love Me Baby Me, a line of natural, vegan and paraben-free baby skin and hair products.

This fun styling product (and apparently the only non-toxic one on the market for kids) had Mimi’s normally flat, fine hair bouncing with body and curl — and did I mention the spiky bangs? A huge hit for one particular princess-turned-rock-star, who paraded endlessly in front of the mirror to admire her new ‘do.

The best part? When the fun was over at bedtime, the Hair Putty washed away without a trace, and her hair remained clean, sweet smelling, and tangle-free. Don’t be surprised if you catch me trying some of the Hair Putty out on myself. Oh, my poor misspent youth… –Nancy

Congrats to winner Colleen J!

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