I cannot be the only mom dreading the walk up from the mailbox these days. It would be fine if it was filled with all sorts of cards and gifts and, you know, envelopes of free money. But nope. Just bills and about sixty million pounds of catalogs that I totally don’t need.

Now first of all, most of my shopping is online today. Second, this is an environmental nightmare. (Hello, West Elm – love you but I don’t need three catalogs from you.)

So I’ve been spending the last few days on Catalog Choice which is a one-stop free service to help you pare down all the junk you get. Just hit the website, type in your name and account number as it appears on your mailing labels, and they’ll take care of the rest.

The only drawback is that it takes up to ten weeks to process. You’ll still get all the holiday junk but at least your mailbox will be clearer in time for Groundhog Day. Never know when the department stores will start having Groundhog white sales. –Liz

[thanks regina. and my dad.]