I am now calling my son "The kid with the largest head on this planet" — said with love, of course. The search has been on to find a hat for him that’s cute, warm, and won’t cut off all blood flow to his brain.

Well thanks to Faith’s Hats at Portland-based boutique Tilly Jane my son’s huge dome will not be cold this winter. Made by hand from so-soft recycled sweaters, these hats are beyond comfy and cozy. The infant styles are even made from cashmere. Fancy! And the newsboy style, while not only super hot this season (you know, if you care about that) is on the shallow side, fitting perfectly over my son’s big nugget.

At least for the five seconds that he keeps it on. -Kristen

Use code "coolmoms" for 10% off until 12/07/07

Congratulations to winner Sharon B!


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