Handknit baby stuff, as we’ve seen, runs on a remarkably broad continuum from scratchy grandma styles to painfully amateur designs that seems sized for dolls. With three legs.

And then there are the few amazing rock star knitters who totally dominate with the needles, from concept to design to fit. In this final camp is Crankypants

Amy Kett’s ridiculously in-demand designs speak for themselves. Her classic "longies" are made of soft merino wool, with a little monster face, sock monkey, or jolly roger making your baby’s bum even cuter than it already is. Amy also takes custom orders if you’ve got different colors or even your own design in mind.

But me? I’d take Amy’s own designs ahead of my own. After all, she’s the one with the continual waitlist. –Liz 

Congratulations to winner Betsey N!


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