Before kids, I used to custom select the perfect little whatever for every gal on my Christmas list. After kids? So not happening. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stick them all with impersonal gift cards and call it a day either.

Idea: The luxe body butters from Winks & Co. Each FAA-friendly 2.3 ounce container is filled with a fluffy, paraben-free moisturizer that’s whipped like, well, butter. Or at least shea butter, in thirty different flavors.

The scents are definitely on the sweeter side of the spectrum – my flaky, scaly legs were enjoying a slathering of Cucumber Cantaloupe when my sigOth remarked, "hey what smells like a gummy bear?"  Pink Grapefruit and Honey looks promising and Pink Snowflakes would make a great gift on the name alone. At just 10 bucks each, I’d grab a whole bunch and dole them out to your coworkers, friends, playgroup. Maybe keep a few for yourself. Flake. –Liz

[thanks tracey]

For a limited time, order five and get the sixth free – details on site


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