If you live in a little-ish place like I do, toy space is a commodity. Of course that doesn’t stop the trucks and books and dolls and crayons from accumulating (God bless the grandparents) so we always look for furniture that serves more than one purpose.

My newest wish-list item: The Big Play Table from the always wonderful Via Toy Box. Six of their signature wooden storage cubes in your choice of great modern colors and shapes support a sturdy tabletop that’s just perfect for art supplies, puzzles, or even a train set. In fact I wouldn’t get a kid a train set this Christmas without one of these. Do you know how fast all those tracks and cars and switches pile up all over the living room floor? Fast. Very fast.

Best of all, the entire piece is made from sustainable birch in good old Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Sign me up. –Liz

Order any of the awesome storage cubes and sets from Via Toy Box now, while everything on site is super discounted through the end of the year.

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