If I don’t count the looooovely dress my mother-in-law bought my daughter (note the sarcasm inherent in the word loooooovely), I technically don’t yet have a Christmas dress for her. I’ve been waiting for just the right dress to call to me. Except there’s only one week left.


Fear not you selective mamas; when you see the dresses by NoKo, you’ll be very glad that you waited. These gorgeous clothes are a collaborative effort between two American moms Maureen Chianese and Jennifer Friese who met while living in Tokyo. Using traditional Japanese silhouettes as their inspiration and authentic Japanese fabric called tengui, Maureen and Jennifer have created a drop dead gorgeous line of high end baby clothes unlike anything we’ve seen before.

And considering you’ve been saving loads of cash with all the fantastic Cool Mom Picks discount codes, we know you’ve got at least $111 stashed away. If there was ever a time… -Kristen 


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