With all the scary news lately (toxins and plastics and pthalates, oh my) I’m starting to look at everything that goes into my baby’s mouth in a whole new way. Starting with her pacifier.

Well hooray for Zoë B organic, a shop stocked with all kinds of organic (duh) goodies. Although the one that gets me most excited is the new Natursutten pacifier. It’s made from soft, all-natural rubber and conforms to E.U. safety requirements which, forgive me, I’m starting to trust more than the U.S. ones these days. There’s no latex, no plastic, no artificial colors, and none of the key alarmist terms moms are looking out for these days like BPAs, pthalates, and PVC.

If that doesn’t sell you, consider that the little loopy thingie isn’t hinged, so you won’t hear your toddler going CLANK CLANK CLANK with it all night long. Or is that just in our house? –Liz 


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