As surprised as I was by my third pregnancy, my older daughter was downright shocked. She may have actually gotten used to the idea more quickly than I did, thanks in part to Making Me: The Pregnancy Activity Book for My Big Brother or Sister.

Written by mom Julie Carr, this engaging book actively involves older siblings in learning about how the wee critter is developing. Each page includes an update on the baby’s growth, along with an activity like coloring, journaling or answering questions about themselves. (Bonus points for the page that calls for the older sibling to clean up his or her room) It even comes with a measuring tape for the kids to wrap around the belly – not the thighs, please.

With 280 pages, one for nearly the entire forty long-as-all-heck weeks, bigger kids will really feel involved every step of the way. Even those who are still a bit lukewarm on the idea of sharing the attention with an impostor. –Julie

Update Oct, 2008: The book is now available at


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