It’s not coincidental that Bloom: A Little Book About Finding Love, comes out just in time for February’s Hallmark holiday. And yet Dutch-born author/illustrator Maria Van Lieshout’s sweet little tome on loving the one you’re with will delight kids the rest of the year as well.

In fact my daughter can attest to this after making me read it about sixteen times in a row.

It’s a simple, charmingly illustrated tale of a pig who’d rather smell flowers and chase butterflies than wallow in the mud with a potential soulmate. One broken heart and one overdramatic display of self-pity later, and all ends well. With flowers. But no chocolate-induced cellulite. Which is how my Valentine’s Day stories tend to end.  –Liz

Really love Bloom? You can also find her on cards, onesies and baby tees at the author’s Bloom Loves website. Cute.


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