I’ve got a thing for alpaca. And not just because my daughter wants one as a pet. (Thanks, Diego.)

It’s eco-friendly, it’s soft and warm, and it doesn’t pill. The only thing that can make alpaca accessories more appealing to me is knowing that they’re handknit under fair trade conditions to help struggling artisans in small communities. Too much to ask for?

Enter Mayu, Kate Robertson’s wonderful shop inspired by the years she spent working with Peruvian artists through the Peace Corps. The shawls, scarves, hoodie wraps and throws (oh God, how I want a throw) are the kind of quality you’d expect to find in department stores you can’t afford. They’re superbly designed in bold, accessible colors and the stitches are interesting enough to be appealing, but basic enough to remain in your wardrobe forever. Plus Kate really aims to please, even fulfilling custom orders if there’s something specific you’re dying for.

Did I mention I’m really dying for a throw? Only 6 months ’til my birthday. –Liz 

Congrats to lucky Mayu wrap winner Melissa N


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