I’ve definitely had several registry regrets, like my high chair for example – that ugly, cumbersome, "good for only 2 years maybe" high chair. Not one of my finer decisions.

But at least I have an excuse for that choice because back then, there was no Easy Grow High Chair from Mutsy.

The sleek, attractive Easy Grow is more of an eating seat than a high chair because it takes your kid from barely sitting up and smashing applesauce in his nose, to the years he’s able to write in his applesauce using cursive. Complete with eating tray, bumper bar, foot rest, and seat reducer for the wee little eaters, this is definitely a stylish and practical way to go when you’re adding another chair to the dining room.

If you’ve got kids under four but you already did the high chair thing, don’t fret; just check out Mutsy’s terrific Grow Up Booster Seat and toss the one you were commanded to put on your registry. -Kristen

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Congrats to lucky Easy Grow high chair winner MC!