Sometimes moms of (ahem) advanced maternal age just need some kindred spirits to hang out with. You know, so we can reminisce about our assymetrical prom hairdos and our crushes on Scott Baio while the rugrats run circles around our arthritic ankles.

Well if you’re 35+ with young’uns around the house, put down the knitting needles and hit Motherhood Later, which helps connect you with other moms in your community live and in the flesh. The org was cofounded by Aliza Sherman Risdahl of Webgrrlz fame, and her partner, author Robin Gorman Newman who’s also known to singles as the Love Coach – clearly she knows a little something about matching people up.

Right now there are chapters in NY, LA, Anchorage and a few cities in between. Nothing in your neck of the woods? Go ahead and start your own chapter. It’s all totally free – just a bunch of moms trying to meet other moms they’ve got more in common with than the stretch marks.  –Liz 


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