At the risk of being flamed, I hereby announce that I have a Bugaboo. And I freaking love it.

Living in NYC there’s no better stroller for tackling cobblestones, bumping down subway steps and generally looking swanky. It gets way more use than our car, natch – but that also means it is, um…what’s that word? Oh yeah. Filthy.

Enter the super snazzy stroller seat and canopy covers from Mama-La. While the stunning fabrics give you an Extreme Stroller Makeover, mom Mai-Liis Schertz has designed them to be practical too. See they fit snugly, they’re waterproof making them easier to clean when your child is spilling his (caviar) Cheerios in his Chameleon or Frog, and the clear vinyl at the foot rest functions just like plastic over grandma’s couch. So smart. So pretty. So cleeeeeean.

Not a Bug owner? Mama-La makes luxe car seat covers too so that you can fall in love again with that Britax seat that’s looking less than new these days. Nice to have one small part of your car that isn’t a holy mess.  –Liz 

Congratulations to stroller cover winner Nancy T!