I realize that pregnancy does give you some type of justification for those wiggly bits that would ordinarily drive you nuts. But the third time around, I have no patience for the extra juicy thighs or my favorite, the five part wave —  hand, hand, elbow, arm flap, arm flap.

Hence my new twice-daily regimen incorporating CMP fave Mama Mio’s new Shrink to Fit cream. Apparently using it morning and night for 30 days leads to visible differences in the elasticity of your skin. Just smooth the yummy smelling lotion on any part that needs a little firming up and watch as your skin gets miraculously tighter. The best part is that Mama Mio is committed to safe products, natural ingredients, and no parabens. And absolutely no testing on animals just real live pregnant women.


It’s only day five for me, I can definitely see a difference. And apparently, so can my husband. So there. -Kristen  

Congratulations to Lindsay B, winner of the Shrink to Fit cream!


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