I only wish Gifted at Birth had been around when my daughter was born. A service that delivers newborn essentials then has a premiere NYC doula on call either in person (in the city) or on the phone (everywhere else) to tell you how to use it all? H to the double-hockey-stick, yeah.

It can go on from one week up to twelve weeks – but can it go on FOR LIFE? Because that would be great.

The Gifted at Birth site is yummy and Flash-y, yet never jams up, which is so helpful to the sleep-deprived. But more importantly, their packages include everything you know you need, like diapers, Chux, breast pads and muslin swaddling blankets, to everything you don’t–including CMP favorites like Belly Bars and Baby Legs.

I love that partners Tara Brooke and Ari Nave are so … reasonable. If you don’t open and use one of your items, you can return it. If you want to switch subscription plans mid-stream, you can. You can give a subscription as a gift and add credit for the recipient to order at will. And most cool: You can select breastfeeding or bottle-feeding options, eco-conscious or convenience. There is no tut-tutting, just a difference in what they place in your care package.

This mom would subscribe just for the lack of judgment at the most judgy time of any woman’s life: The fourth trimester. Hold me, I’m in love. –Rita

[thanks, andi] 

Special for CMP readers: Save $25 on a trial package with code TRIAL2008 (all caps) at checkout, or $100 off a subscription with code SUBSCRIBE2008! 1 per person, through 6/30/08


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