I was That Person who spent like six hours online creating my Simpsons avatar. (Yeah, so I’m a 14 year old boy at heart. Gotta problem with that?) Needless to say I got completely sucked into playing around on the Pose Prints website, which lets you do that very thing on custom invites and cards – only a little more flattering.

Prices are good at about $2 a card, card stock is nice, and the process is totally fun. You can even get a pic of the man of the house in there if you want to throw an anniversary party or surprise birthday bash.

Now of course the baby shower invite template does not have an option for fat arms, stray chin hairs and prepartum acne. Which makes it a little more of a fantasy rendition of you than the real thing. But with the ability to customize hair style and color, eyes, lips, skin, and clothes and accessories, you can get close.

Or hey, don’t get close at all. Go ahead and make yourself look like Victoria Beckham, pregnant.You have that power. –Liz

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