I’ve always had a thing for Lewis Carrol but most of the Alice prints that would be cute for a little girl’s room have a 19th century feel that doesn’t jibe with my modern decor. Then I came across the Tea With White Rabbits print from artist (and mom of two) Lindsay Bracken and I thought ooooooh.

Now the girls she features aren’t Alice per se – Alice never had the hipster bangs that I know of – but they do have that storybook heroine feel about each of them. Prints like Come a Little Closer and Candlelight look as if you’ve stepped into the middle of a favorite bedtime tale. And each print has a really unique look, since they’re taken from Lindsay original textured mixed media artwork.

Just 15 bucks each, mamas. Grab two or three, frame ’em up, and transform that little girl’s room into a magical place. –Liz 


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