Everyone knows that Jet Blue is God’s gift to traveling families. Even those who turn their noses up at TV for kids have to be at least secretly psyched for a few hours of Nickelodeon distraction. But I do admit a little hesitance to stick those earphones on my kids. And not just because I don’t know where they’ve been.

Last trip we tried a pair of Air Drives kids headphones and at least some of that worry went away. They were a bit small for me and a bit big for my three-year old but that didn’t stop me from appreciating the concept. Basically they’re designed to direct the sound towards your outer ear and not blast it directly into the eardrums. It’s obvious what the pros of that are. But even better, it means ambient sound isn’t totally gone when older kids are listening to iPods while riding a bike or crossing the street. Or having their moms call them in for dinner.

Time for a new excuse, kids. –Liz