We’ve found a whole lot of companies that transform your children’s art into everything from custom lamps to chic jewelry to delicate handbags. It’s so cool to us that those favorite scribbles and stick figures can have a life beyond the refrigerator door. So I am totally wowed and excited to have discovered the inspired dolls from Wooberry.

The dolls themselves are absolutely charming, each one one-of-a-kind and handmade from sketches made by artist Melissa Conroy’s own child. My daughter went nuts over them when she first saw their spindly legs and awkward, welcoming smiles. And she definitely cracked up at the baby “in” the mommy dolls’ stomachs.

If you want something extra personal however, send Melissa one of your kid’s favorite drawings and she’ll tame all that cotton and velour and yarn into a fantastic plush custom doll.

It certainly brings new meaning to a drawing coming to life. –Liz