I am lucky enough to have a mom who slaved over handmade quilts for each of my daughters, creating two very special one-of-a-kind heirlooms. I’m doubly lucky that they’re not some cheesy grandma quilts, but exquisite, modern, and very very me.

For the rest of you however, no, you can’t borrow my mother. But you can check out the work from Amherst mom and artist Rebecca Fricke of Bedscape Designs. Her handmade baby quilts are just spectacular, incorporating playful color and bold graphics while still retaining a timeless feel.

Rebecca makes them in grown-up sizes too – I’m in love with the birch quilt – and has a bunch on the site to choose from.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a commission because Rebecca loves doing them. if you’ve got a color palate, monogram, or a specific idea in mind, send it her way. She even takes a lot of inspiration from landscapes so she can make you feel like you’re looking out the window of your favorite summer happy place, even when you’re all tucked in for the winter. Fabulous. –Liz