When my daughter was a toddler, it wasn’t only cleaning supplies that had to go into high or locked cabinets — we also had to hide the band-aids, lest she plaster herself head to toe every time she experienced a boo-boo. Real or imagined.

To this day, she still requires extensive TLC to treat every injury.

So when I saw the (oopdoo)hug, I knew it had my sensitive girl’s name written all over it. The softest featherweight fleece you’ve ever touched is fashioned into a giant band-aid facsimile available in a variety of colors and prints, all 100% made in the USA. The center “pad” is a pouch to hold your ice pack or warm rice pillow, then the whole thing can be wrapped around whichever body part requires soothing.

Sure, it’d be a great lovey for a tot, but I guarantee my kid will be packing this when she leaves for college. At which point I’ll have to stop “borrowing” hers (hey, my knee was sore) and buy my own. – Mir

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