I’m all for handing my girls a box of crayons and a ream of paper and
letting them while away an afternoon creating works of art.  The only
problem?  Their cumulative efforts result in a fire hazard worthy of

The ART:Archives has the perfect solution for those great
masterpieces that I can’t bear to let go. They took twenty-five of my
daughter’s favorite drawings, photographed them, and set them to music
in a phenomenally-produced DVD.  Even the credits are all about the artist,
listing vital stats like her name, age, grade, school, and a slew of her current faves.  I was thrilled to pieces to
present her with such a unique memento to commemorate her kindergarten
year.  And obviously, she loves that it’s all about her.

Starting at $275 for a 25-piece digital presentation, The ART:Archives definitely falls into the category of super-special treats for
most of us.  But it’s by far the coolest – and the most permanent and
professional – way I’ve seen to hang onto that childhood artwork.  You
know, without attracting the attention of the local fire marshal. –Julie