Not every pregnant woman spends her pregnancy scarfing down Twix Bars and chocolate chip pancakes. Or so I hear. (Ahem.) Some actually go all greenmarket for nine months, craving organic bell peppers, counting carbs and actually taking her prenatal vitamins without fail. If you’ve got a friend like that, we’ve got the baby gift for you in the Farmer’s Market Baby Basket from Organic Style.

The basket o’ goodies features a basic onesie, burp and infant cap from Under the Nile, all biodynamically grown Demeter-certified cotton, of course. (Whatever that means.) But what I really love is that it comes with a set of safe, cotton teething toys in the shape of smiley little fruits. Just like mommy would eat. If they were locally harvested in season and pesticide free. –Liz

Right now all baby items are 20% off automatically at Organic Style through 7/31 when you shop through this link!


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