While I’ve got way too many little pouches and cases to keep all my kid’s items clean and safe, I tend to just toss my own things right into the depths of my diaper bag without even thinking twice. That’s probably why I’m on my third pair of sunglasses this summer, and why I should think about investing in an eyeglass case from Field of Roses.

I can’t say I’ve ever coveted an eyeglasses case before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Made by hand using various cotton fabrics, like the Joel Dewberry pattern (pictured) or this equally lovely Japanese ume, these eyeglasses cases are a welcome change from the finger snapping hard cases that tend to just become something I give to occupy my kids. They feel like me as much as the glasses themselves.

Just make sure to check the size of your shades before purchasing. If you tend to wear the big honkin’ ones (you reading, Olsen twins?) you’ll want to be sure they actually fit.  -Kristen 


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