Thanks to Cool Mom Picks, I’ve expanded my babywearing horizons to
include wraps and slings, but I can
never abandon my beloved Swedish front carrier standby, no matter how much drool
coats its surface. However thanks to My Little Roo, I can dress up my old standby in some
new duds. 

These slipcovers give old carriers new life, not to mention
a great new personality, with a number of cute fabrics all lined with chenille. Or
commission your own–designer Kelsey Clark works on request. They’re designed to fit a variety of
carriers, including Bjorn, Snuggli and Infantino, but check their “This product fits…” page for specifics.

What really sold me on these covers in the end is the practicality. When your baby pukes down the front of your carrier or smushes teething biscuits all over it, no need to
launder the entire thing and wait hours for it to dry. Just toss that
cover in the wash with the next load of laundry. Which, as all mothers
of new babies know, is never far off anyway. –Julie

Enter code CMP at checkout for $10 off your order and free shipping!

Congratulations to My Little Roo winner, Lindsey!


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