In my 20’s, I’d go to a small dark club in Rhode Island to watch obscure indie rock bands play loud, jangly music.  We
were a fairly homogeneous group, save for one earplugged little girl of
about 3 who would sit on her dad’s shoulders and watch her mom play the
drums until well past midnight. They sure made the effort to combine their rock n roll life with parenthood, but I imagine that having kids must put a damper on the musical career of plenty of indie bands. 

The three-members of LA-based Egg came up with a solution by mixing their love of music with their new life with kids. The result is a nine-song happy indie pop CD aptly called Sunny-Side Up. From
the bouncy Flip Flops to the sweet closing song, Goodnight, Egg plays
the kind of music I want to hear, with lyrics I don’t mind my kids
shouting. Just as long as they still go to bed on time. –Christina

Congratulations to Egg CD and tee winner, Sherry I!

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