We’ve been evangelists for room decor-by-decal (and decal and decal and decal and decal) from the beginning. Just search our site for “decal.” There’s lots. In part because we know that tastes change faster than you can say ooh, look at that nail hole in the wall, and in part because we’re just fickle. But we particularly like this new trend towards chalkboard decals, like the ones we found by Forwalls at Purl Mama & Baby.

Click over and browse the chalk-ready owls, an apple/pear combo, and butterflies, but I really admire the chalkboard that doesn’t pretend to be anything besides a chalkboard. Line the two sheets up end to end, and your kids will be doing the quick brown fox routine before you know it.

I wouldn’t recommend you hang it directly over white sheets as shown, however. Chalk dust does cascade downward per Newton’s law. Although if your kid has white sheets to begin with, well you’re probably not looking for any practical advice anyway. -Liz


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