I’ll admit it: I was
prejudiced. Before I heard the newly
released Soulville and All Together Now from Little Monster Records, I was prejudiced against CDs
whose singers included a “children’s chorus,” codeword for “cheese.”

Thankfully, I faced my biases head on and was blown away by Soulville‘s first song. Because, while
there is a children’s chorus (that does a damn good job I might add), most of
these 60’s and 70’s soul music covers are sung by unbelievably talented people
from the R&B world like RedRay Frazier and Tabitha Fair. The cover of the Jackson’s Five ABC is
so spot-on and catchy, you’ll be hitting the replay button before your kids
have the chance to ask.

For those of you who can’t get enough Beatles (my 7-year-old daughter, for example), you’ll want to get your hands on All Together Now which
features such voices as Marshall Crenshaw and The Bangles singing Fab Four favorites with

Both are available at Amazon – All Together Now here,  and Soulville here – along with samples you can check out before you buy. Trust me, you’ll want to buy. One other super cool thing about the albums is that they’re packaged with a really funky board book that you’ll be able to read together while you chill out to the excellent tunes.   –Christina

Congratulations to Tara R, winner of both All Together Now and Soulville!

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