As my big girl heads off to first grade (sob), I’m at home with a
little girl who wants to do everything her big sister does, including learning the very same things. The mom-run company, Write Way to Learn, is going to be a huge
help to me this fall with their heavy-duty laminated learning cards that teach reading,
writing, spelling – all without going through reams of paper. 

Each cards
features a word and a corresponding picture in more than a dozen categories from food to shapes to musical instruments.Write the word yourself on the
card, wipe it off, and write it again. Over and over. And over. We know
preschoolers looove repetition, right?

What makes Write Way to Learn especially unique are all the
customizations.  You can create cards using your own digital photos for the family and “my world” category, select your preferred font, and you can
even get sign language cards featuring children’s hands signing the word. Plus they’re sturdy enough that I know they’ll last until the new baby is old enough to want to do everything his sisters do.  It never ends around here. -Julie


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