Having brought two out of three babies home to a teeny apartment, I’m a trained minimalist where it comes to gear; I love oh-so-cute stuff as much as the next mama. But if it doesn’t combine form and function, it’s not for me.

Enter Ana Reza-Hadden and Laura Nixon Miller, the moms and creative minds behind cu cu yo who are doing incredibly smart things with those old registry standbys, the changing pad and the travel blanket.

I love how compactly their Ori Changing Station folds, secured with a wide elastic band which is far superior to magnetic clasps which tend to unclasp, or Velcro tabs which over time get…icky.  And it’s pure genius how easily the Honu Travel Blanket can be stowed in the hidden pocket that turns into a storage pouch then tucked into a diaper bag or tossed under a stroller. Both feature lovely fabrics and incredible workmanship.

As a new company it might be a while until cu cu yo launches another product. But considering how much I love these two, I know the next one will be worth the wait. Too bad there will be no more babies for me. -Julie


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