As my daughter gets older and more capable of making bigger messes, we’re giving her more responsibilities. That means making her bed, clearing her plate, and yes, even writing her own thank-you notes.

Granted, she can’t exactly write anything except her own name, yet, but that doesn’t mean she can’t learn how to write a simple “thanks” on her own set of cards – like the adorable mermaid (her latest obsession) from Good Gravy! Handcrafted Design. These lovely cards, created with the paper lover in mind, make a fantastic gift to tuck in with a lucky birthday girl’s–or boy’s (love the rocket!)– present.

I’ve found that having special cards ready for my daughter makes her extra motivated to send them off. And it doesn’t make me look that bad either. -Kristen

Make sure to check out Good Gravy’s Grand Opening sale through 9/30!

[Thanks Sandy!]