Okay so stop it with the cute baby socks already. Seriously. I mean it. How many times can we be like, no–these are the cutest ever. Oh no wait…these are.

Well, at least one more time since we discovered the 80’s inspired, dad-designed Sneaker Socks Set from Me in Mind, which makes teeny tootsies look like they’re sporting your favorite kicks from your misspent youth. The Vans-like checkers are easily my fave, and you can also get the set in a hot pink and black palette if you’ve got a rocker chick to shop for.

You’ll find them at Psychobaby but only if you’re quick. These socks are selling out faster than you can say like, totally tubular. –Liz

Congratulations to Becky H, winner of the Rockstar Socks!


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