Wha-at? Kids pajamas that are cute but not cutesie? Why yes indeedy. They, along with earthy onesies, tees, and really wearable little dresses round out the collection of ?l?phant Couture, a label so new it’s still got that new e-boutique smell.

Photographer-turned-NYC designer Leslie Hassler used to make her son’s clothes which were so popular, her celeb subjects (hello, Julia Roberts?) tried to buy them off his back. Since that wasn’t really an option, Leslie started a line.

I really like the whimsical South American sensibility influenced by the designer’s worldwide travels. Cute toys too, especially those elephants. Leslie’s son is one lucky kid. And? Maybe yours. –Liz

Find adorable kids pajamas and other clothes at ?l?phant Couture

Congratulations to lucky winner Leta H!


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