Considering my son spent the first eight months of his life in a sling, there’s no doubt my new daughter will be enjoying the same comforts. But now that I’m chasing after two other ones, I’m looking at options that give me a bit more mobility, like the wrap sling.

The Semilla Wrap, found at CMP fave shop Hazel Wood Children features long yards of fabric that at first glance might send reluctant babywearers running for the hills. But it shouldn’t. It’s not as difficult as you might think to get it on properly, and thanks to the super soft organic cotton (think your favorite comfy t-shirt), this wrap is great for any season. No sweaty little babies here.

And the best part, particularly for us germaphobes, is that you can go out with the baby completely covered, averting the thousands of hands all over your tiny newborn. -Kristen

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