As far as I’m concerned, the greatest gifts are the ones that you’d feel far too frivolous buying for yourself, but are unexpectedly practical.  That theory goes double for new baby gifts. That’s why the Car Seat Cardigan from Pomegranate Babies is my new go-to baby gift for the extra special new babies I know.

We’ve never seen anything quite like these hand-knitted infant car seat covers adorned with hand-felted embellishments like frogs and flowers.  Not only are they ridiculously cute, they’re absolutely useful. No need to wrestle the baby into a bunting (which makes buckling the car seat nearly impossible anyway); just button up the cardigan.  You can even add an enclosed fleece liner to keep the baby even warmer and cozier.

See that?  Not frivolous at all.  In fact, quite necessary I’d say. -Julie

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