I used to collect books the way other people collect whatever it is they collect, but since having kids, my book-buying budget has been re-allocated to board books, and a trip to the library means sitting in a circle for story time. Then I found BookSwim, and I cursed myself for having not found it sooner.

It’s like Netflix, except for books. Add titles to your pool in the order you’d like to receive them, then keep them as long as you like. If you can’t bear to part with a title, you can even buy it.

You’ll find a huge variety of titles–bestsellers, classics, nonfiction, kids’ books–and unlike the waiting list at the public library, it won’t take months to get your hands on those must-reads. I’m so enamored with BookSwim that I’m buying a membership as a holiday gift to myself.  Well, unless one of my friends or family members beats me to it.  Hint, hint. -Julie

[photo: tracey clark at shutter sisters]


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