Timing is everything. Like I finally discover the excellent boutique Baby’s Buzz, only to learn that they’re closing up shop and moving onto other endeavors. Bad timing.

But then I learn that it’s actually all 40% off. Good timing!

Head there now for terrific baby and kids gifts including hat/bootie sets from Bla Bla Kids, all kinds of soft toys and plush, plenty of gear and goodies for parents, maternity wear including a whole line of Bravado Bras – and then my top pick, the crocheted cotton blankets from the Netherlands’ Anne-Claire Petite which I only wish they made in grown up sizes.

So of course I wish I had more time together, Baby’s Buzz. But I’m glad for the time we do have.  Sniff.  –Liz

Use coupon code SAVE40 to get your big fat discount, mamas! Happy shopping.


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