I am never going to be the mom who walks around Michael’s picking all the supplies for origami finger puppet ornaments or hot glue gun 3-D stuffed animal baskets or whatever the heck other moms are making with their kids these days. I am the mom who instead grabs one of the fantastic art kits for kids from Eye Can Art, spreads some newspaper on the table, and gets going. So if you want to know what to get my artistically inclined three year-old for the holidays? I’d say one of these.

The printmaking kit absolutely engaged my daughter–and me–for an entire afternoon and beyond. It came with everything she needed to make her own “prints” out of posterboard, rollers and paint, and the directions are absolutely clear and even fun to read out loud.

Other kits help kids make their own encaustic wax drawings (shown), accordion book, and Japanese brush paintings. Clearly not your average lame craft kits; these are more like an introduction to serious art techniques.

You can completely tell that these kits are a product of art teachers who know just what kids need, both in terms of actual art supplies and “you can do it” encouragement. And you know? Sometimes we less crafty moms need it too. –Liz

Congratulations to our two Eye Can Art Kit winners – Brooke P and Christine W!