More and more, I’m starting to care about how the clothes my family wears are made and by whom. I’m no crazy dogmatic eco-ista, but there’s something to be said for corporate responsibility and giving back and supporting people who ride hybrid corn-fed unicorns to work instead of Hummers. Or whatever. Which is why I’m happy to discover the shoes from KEEN.

Not being the outdoorsy type myself I was actually first introduced to the brand through my local Brooklyn hipster shoe store, Soula, which stocks them next to the Orla Kiely bags believe it or not. I especially like that the company’s statement of general do-gooding, eco-responsibility and giving back is longer than I have the patience to read; that’s saying something. But in the end, of course it comes down to the styling.

KEEN’s footwear runs the gamut from “yes I am a hiking boot” to more contemporary options that can hold their own against snow drifts and rock salt, but I particularly like the selection for kids. They’re sturdy, well-made, and frankly, pretty cute. Especially the infant shoes.

Because if a kid’s going to take his first steps this winter, might as well simultaneously take a first step towards buying responsibly.  –Liz

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Congratulations to Cindy C, lucky winner of a pair of KEEN shoes!


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