ABBA SingStar game for PlayStation 2
If you have holiday guests (of the fun variety) to entertain over the next couple weeks, run — don’t walk — and grab yourself a copy of SingStar ABBA for PS2 or PS3. As a huge, cheesy, unabashed ABBA fan, when I had the chance to review this I was like, gimme! Or rather, Gimme Gimme Gimme.

(Ha, ABBA humor.)

If you’re not familiar with the SingStar series of video games, it’s like turning your home into a karaoke hall only without
the $12 beers. And without the cheesy non-union talent trying to act
out the songs. You actually get Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha, and Anni-Frid here, no cheap imitations.

Grab the mic and the game will tell you if you’re hitting the notes on Mamma Mia or Fernando — or in my case, not hitting the notes. There are 25 of the band’s biggest hits (20 on PS2) but if you use the online feature, you can download other videos from other bands and make your own playlist. Plus you can practice on your own, compete with up to 8 players, or even perform duets if you haven’t had nearly enough drinks to go solo yet.

The best part, however, might be finally learning what some of those song lyrics are. Especially for those of you who think that Take a Chance on Me is Chicken Dance on Me.Liz

Show off your karaoke skills with the ABBA SingStar video game.

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