Bissel Steam Mop
Now that my youngest is mobile– and, thanks to the open-plan design of our house, cannot easily be confined with baby gates– I’ve had to buckle down and get serious about keeping the floor clean. A few stray Cheerios can bolster his immune system, but anything more than that is too icky to contemplate. Then again, I’m not thrilled by the thought of him licking a chemical-laden floor either. What’s a mom to do?

Buy the Bissell Steam Mop, that’s what. This natural cleaning solution is awesome, whether you’ve got a baby crawling around or a gaggle of teens tracking in dirt. It steam-cleans hard floors using water only– no cleaning solution required. Which means no chemicals. Plus, the mop pad is reusable so you can pop it in the washer with the next load of towels, cutting down on waste.

Sure, it’s a little pricey, but think about all of those add-ons you’ll never have to buy again.  And the thought of immaculate, chemical-free floors– well, it’s almost enough to get me excited about mopping.  Almost. -Julie

The Bissell Steam Mop is on sale now at Amazon – just $76, reduced from $99

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