organic cotton baby bib
I’ve proclaimed my disdain for bibs so many times that it would only make sense that my third baby would be the drooliest of them all. Seriously, it’s like a tiny river flowing down her chin. So I’m sorry to say that bibs have become a regular fixture around her little neck.

But thanks to Dribs, I’ve found one that actually works for us. These super smart bibs, made from your choice of organic cotton or bamboo, feature a ruffled gather effect that keeps the dribble off your babe’s neck and chest. Just slide them right under their chin, fasten with the magnetic closure (cool), and you’ve got a bib that keeps their clothes dry.

And wouldn’t you know, ruffles are super hot this season. As are dry, rash free necks–or at least in these parts. -Kristen

Congratulations to Shannon W, winner of the bamboo bib from Dribs!

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