Modern Baby Quilt at Cafe Handmade
A few days before Christmas, I decided to visit a large indoor craft
show, jam-packed with cool, one-of-a-kind items. I arranged for a
sitter to watch the kids, got directions and was ready to go. Then, it

I wish I had known about Cafe Handmade when I was sitting home. Started by husband-and-wife team Len and Kerri Testa, Cafe Handmade’s virtual craft show area feels almost like you are looking at a
table of crafts from each artist. And, thankfully, most of these artists are not making
crocheted toilet paper covers. Instead I found but colorful and modern baby quilts like the ones shown here from Sandbox Quilts, handcrafted jewelry and handbags, among other neat things. Just click the artist’s name and you go to their own site for purchase.

One of the things I like most about attending craft shows, though, is
the chatty intimacy you get when standing in front of an
artist. To help preserve that feeling, Cafe Handmade posts interviews
with some of their artists and even has a demo area where I could watch a video
of an artist at work. All without having to jostle for a parking space. –Christina

Find one of a kind baby quilts, jewelry, bags and more at Cafe Handmade.


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