model car 1970s oldsAn occupational hazard of writing for Cool Mom Picks is spending waaaay too much money buying all the cool stuff you’re writing about. One glance at this original 1970s Olds print and my 8-year-old was declaring he had to have it.

It’s not surprising considering these retro photos of classic die-cast toy cars would be perfect in any boy’s room. Okay, that’s sexist– girls will like them too, especially the ones photographed on mod floral patterns. They’re really affordable at $27 a print, and come signed and dated by photographer Anna Dykema of Daydreamers Studios.

Because he couldn’t choose between all the different options it looks like my son will be the proud owner of a series of three including the Chevelle and the funky old station wagon. I know, I’m a total sucker. -Betsy

Find these fantastic toy classic car photographs at the Daydreamers etsy shop.

Congratulations to Jodi B, lucky winner of a signed car print of her choice!