CLENE antimicrobial baby changing pad
While I don’t have a lot of patience for unnecessary baby “essentials” if there’s one little doodad I’m a big fan of it’s the changing pad. I stash one in the car, one at grandma’s, one in a diaper bag, one under the stroller, and even one on the actual changing pad in the nursery. Like I said, I’m a fan.

Now CLENE has entered the game with their new baby changing pad which doesn’t just protect from germs in the bathroom changing station, it actually repels them. Smart.

(Athough gawd, I hate having to write brand names ALL IN CAPS.)

The CLENE Change Mat is made of this cushy, comfy, neoprene-like fabric called NeoClene that’s actually some antimicrobial bamboo-carbon amalgam with “nano particles” that naturally zap odors and protect from bacteria, dust and mold. And don’t be all, What? My baby’s poop is clean as the driven snow! Trust me, you want all the bacteria protection you can get when it comes to a changing pad.

Poop, people. You are going to get poop on your change pad. Something to keep in mind when you’re trying to decide between this and something a little frillier. –Liz

Find the CLEEN changing pad at One Step Ahead.

Congratulations to Sara A, Heather T, and Michael P – lucky winners of a CLENE Change Mat!

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