yojo mama kid friendly guide
I think of Yojo Mama as that clued-in friend who knows all the hot spots in town. Except instead of tipping you off to a new shoe store, she knows fun places to take an active
toddler, which restaurants are kid-friendly and even the nearest diaper
changing station when you are in an unfamiliar part of town.

This smart, high-tech application lets you type in your city and select a neighborhood to get a list of kid friendly cafes, shops, events, toy stores, parks, museums and more all right on your cell phone or PC. It comes in very handy when you are out and about and need that info
NOW. There are also some cool features like getting “YoMinder” alerts sent right to you phone when you’re in a certain area that remind you of stuff you’ve been meaning to check out there.

Right now, only those living in San Francisco
and New York City are lucky enough to have Yojo Mama in their area, but LA, Chicago and other major cities don’t have much longer to
wait. Hey, Yojo Mama, how about showing Boston some love next? –Christina

Find kid friendly events in your city (or at least NY and SF for now) through Yojo Mama.


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