Kitchen Witch browniesBesides unconditional love, the only thing that I want for
Valentine’s Day is something chocolate and decadent. Like, say, these
heart-shaped brownies from Kitchen Witch.

I’ve already gushed about
Casey’s ready-to-bake line of cookies, brownies and scones, but she
also ships out an incredible line of pre-baked goodies including these made-for-Valentine’s-Day brownies.

The best thing about Kitchen Witch’s many treats is that they taste
fresh-from-the-oven homemade because Casey ships everything the day it is
made. Cookies are still chewy, brownies are moist and marshmallows are
springy and soft, just the way I’d make them if I had the talent.

Let’s just say when we last had Kitchen
Witch’s brownies here, my husband polished off the batch one night when I
wasn’t looking.

I forgave him. That’s love. –Christina

Find these incredible heart-shaped brownies at the Kitchen Witch etsy shop and save 10% on your order! Just convo the seller and mention Cool Mom Picks with your order.

Congratulations to Rochelle Y and Xenia B, lucky winners of a dozen Kitchen Witch vanilla marshmallows each!