Giraffe canvas art for kids
So you want a canvas or two for baby’s room, and you’re trying to figure out something bright and colorful, with animals, that doesn’t look like the circus threw up on your walls. Leave it to Tiny Decor to find just the right mix of mod and whimsical; their new line of Animal Prints offers three different animals in your choice of five colors, with each animal having its very own pattern. And it’s all hand screenprinted on stretched organic canvases.

Of course the elephant is polka-dotted, and the lion is herringbone, but I’m particularly taken with the houndstooth giraffe. Or you can go for the whole menagerie if you’re so inclined. You wouldn’t want your giraffe getting lonely, now…. -Mir

Check out the whole range of canvas Animal Prints at Tiny Decor.

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